There is this adage I love very much it says ‘keep your dreams high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.’ The truth is nobody can encourage us like we can encourage ourselves. Why? Because nobody can see and understand a dream like the dreamer himself. If you wait for people to encourage you because you expect them to believe in your dream, think twice. Believe in your dream and stick to your opinion of your dream. let me share an experience with you. in 2009, I enrolled for course on basic presentation. Prior to this time, I had never done any presentation on television before. I was very petrified of being in the same class with seasoned presenters, then one of the lecturers told me point blank that I wasn’t good enough to be a presenter. I was so discouraged that I wanted to drop out but when I considered the amount I had spent, I decided not to. It was a wise decision because a few weeks after we had a guest lecturer in the person of a popular broadcaster. Goodness me! Not only did I learn a whole lot from him, but during the review of our practical presentation on camera, he made a comment before the whole class that I had potentials. Mark the word potentials. While one person thought I wasn’t good at all, another thought I had potentials. I have used this one positive comment to encourage myself whenever I am down.
So, no matter what, look for something positive even out of the very negative situation and encourage yourself.


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